Visual Identity

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    Visual identity is a collection of visual elements that refers to any visible components such as logo, brand colors, brand pattern, imagery, typography that help customers identify a brand and make a good impression in the minds, It’s a way to help your target audience tell the story of who you are and what you value in a way that holds their interest and makes them care. We design and develop strong visual solutions that will make you stand out.



    The Process

    We kick off the project by asking you to fill out a short questionnaire to better understand about your brand.

    We’ll research to find out what will visually attract your customer & successfully differentiate you from the competition.


    In this phase you will be presented with some visual directions your brand can go in, including logo design and colour scheme.

    You’ll be asked to review and provide feedback to your chosen concept. Included some requiring revisions. 

    In this phase you will be presented with some visual directions your brand can go in, including logo design and colour scheme.

    If you requested any brand add ons, like letterheads, business cards, envelopes, presentation folders, this is where we’ll proceed to apply your final brand identity to your brand collaterals.

    You will receive a brand style guide and master folder with all the logo files, fonts & design elements. This will serve as a guide to make sure all future marketing materials are cohesive with your new brand identity.

    What you get

    • Logo
    • Color Palette
    • Brand Typography
    • Custom Patterns
    • Main Items of Business Stationary
    • Brand Style Guide PDF
    • Final File Delivery
    • Presentation of final work and delineation of laws and regulations


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      If you’re looking for gorgeous and unique illustrations, Grama offers custom designs for any genre created by professional illustrators. Make your promotional needs remarkable with Grama! Unique illustrations You can use on covers, posters, packaging, websites and much more.

      1.Covers: “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” says the famous proverb. “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” we say. Scientific studies have proven that people choose things based on their appearance and design; in addition, the eye is attracted to natural colors and balanced shapes. Ultimately, your book’s cover is its face, so don’t forget it!


      2.Advertising: Advertising and attention-grabbing effects- Colorful, engaging images with creative design ideas will surely capture customers’ attention and lead to more transactions.


      3.Packaging: A clear visual message is conveyed. The human brain captures visuals much better than text, so with well-crafted illustrations, you make your message easier and quicker to understand, We create a creative and captivating illustration for your product to make it stand out in the market and succeed with consumers.

        • 33%

        When you’re picking out a bottle of wine, a chocolate treat or a Pack of candles, we all know you’re focused on the package just as much as the product. Packaging is one of the most important parts of the decision to purchase. Creating the right balance of visual and structural packaging designs will attract shoppers. We’ve been thinking beyond the box By focusing on creating a unique, memorable, and attractive design through storytelling, we help our clients’ brands create a sense of trust, credibility, and loyalty with their shoppers. Additionally, our packaging design helps differentiate your brand and product from its competitors, making it stand out on store shelves and online.

        The Process

        Design brief analysis,market research, competitors cognition.

        Ideate & innovation, Brainstorming, Design concepts, structurel design, finished dieline.

        Design & development, Finished dielines, final working prototypes.

        Project management, Alterations are done, Guidelines and regulations checked.

        colors and imagery reviewed, preparing to print.